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Welcome to the WSSC CBR Bidder Enrollment Application
All vendors and prospective vendors are required to register in WSSC’s Centralized Bidder List in order to bid on available solicitation. By submitting your registration, you will be notified of upcoming contracts, based on your specified North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) code(s) for which you are eligible to submit a bid. This service is available to you for FREE, there is no cost to our bidder community.

The Registration process:
1. Create a userid and password based on your unique Taxpayer Identification Number
2. Enter your Primary Business Information
3. Enter your Primary Contact Information
4. Enter your Solicitation Contact Information
5. Enter your Small Local Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Status Information, if applicable
6. Review and acknowledge the WSSC’s Disclaimer
7. Review your registration summary
8. If you want detailed information regarding becoming MBE-certified or SLBE-approved, you will be given the option at the end of the registration process to be directed to the link for the SLMBE Program.
  A Security Clearance is required if you need plans and drawings from WSSC. Select the link below to complete the application. After completion, fax to the Acquisition Office at 301-206-8884.

  • Your Taxpayer Identification Number

  • An e-mail address for the primary contact and solicitation contact

  • Your Primary North American Industry Classification System codes referred to as NAICS codes

  • Your DUNS Number and DUNS Rating

  • If you are MBE-certified, your certification number, certifying agency and MBE expiration date

  • If you are WSSC SLBE-approved, your SLBE expiration date

    You can view WSSC's privacy policy by selecting the link: View WSSC's Privacy Policy

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